Leader in collaborative solutions implementation and business management solutions, NetSystem provides its clients four-pronged services built up on Microsoft & Sage platforms :

  • Human resources solutions
  • EDM & Workflow Solutions
  • Business management solutions
  • Enterprise portals solutions

NetSystem has enriched its product offer by the adoption of several specific vertical solutions led by sector of activity, by size of enterprise…

NetSystem Solutions cover both the needs of SMEs and major accounts. NetSystem is able to engage in end-to-end integration projects implementation through a proven project approach, covering the following services:


  • Definition of needs & choice of the target solution
  • Implementation according to a proven project methodology
  • Change management and support
  • Training & skills transfer

Human resources solutions

NetSystem is Sage certified partner for the implementation of the integrated solutions for management of human resources 'Sage Suite HR.

The Sage Suite HR is the solution that allows you to manage and follow up all stages of payroll and human resources management, no matter your sector of activity and your size are.

The Sage Suite HR accompanies the HR Manager in the monitoring of HR and their payroll, in the analysis of contributions and expenses or in the implementation of training plans.

Advantages of Sage Suite HR

  • Payroll management
  • Multi-company Management
  • Accounting treatment
  • End-of-year treatments
  • Social Reports
  • Participation/Equity management
  • Data import
  • Skill Improvement of employees, careers plans, mobility, gender balance
  • Forecast management of jobs and skills
  • Vocational training: salary costs of training plan, budgeting of financial impact and expenditure variance ;
  • Career management: mapping of jobs and skills, list of vacancies, detection of the needs, internal mobility, flowcharts;
  • Working Time management: creating your own events grids for employees as leave, award-winning events... and managing your budgets and your personnel costs (payroll on several plans and analytics dimensions)
  • Edition Pilotée: decision reports for the monitoring of basic indicators.

To ensure the success of your HR projects, NetSystem offers its expertise on project management and change support:

  • Assistance in the choice of the solution, or human resource management modules
  • Support to the implementation of the solution: project management, management of the user testing and product training
  • Driving change: driving change allows defining and implementing the means to prepare the players and systems and to train and assist users.

EDM & Workflow Solutions

NetSystem is positioned as an integrator and editor of business content management solutions addressing the entire documentary value chain of the company in order to allow:

  • Dematerializing documentary exchange
  • Finding easily information by filing and referencing documents,
  • Increasing productivity by organizing group working on documents and folders,
  • Improving the quality by standardizing documents and internal processes,

The implementation of EDM & Workflow solutions covers:

  • The Integration of heterogeneous documents of the company,
  • Native management of the documents lifecycle - Records Management
  • Productivity gain: easily accessible information through the filing plan and powerful research tools,
  • Reducing errors by ensuring content integrity and traceability and by eliminating information duplication and redundancy,
  • Strong capability to adapt to your organization evolution,
  • A packaged and customized offer easy to implement for a quick ROI

Accounting EDM solution

  • Minimize tax risk,
  • Dematerialize and file your accounting documents,
  • Better manage and organize your accounting documents,
  • Exchange and share easily and safely your information and documents with your accountant,
  • Remove any risk of your accounting documents loss (invoices, good controls,...).
  • Control and supervise by your accountant and your financial manager.

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EDM insurance solution

  • Automation of the management of sinister claims
  • Automated production of contracts and insurance policies
  • Instant access to all the customer records documents provided directly from your Doc Manager solution
  • Legal archiving of insurance records

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Main management solution - Mail manager

Mail Manager is an electronic strongbox totally web-edited, which is very useful for managing, archiving and finding easily all your mail and fax incoming / outgoing. Mail Manager allows you to:

  • Automate the processing of your mail
  • Rationalize your document processes related to mail - such as invoices processing, customer complaints...
  • Centralize reception and sending of your mail : a genuine electronic control unit for the management and classification of your mail
  • Set up routes circuits: predefined Workflow
  • Control accesses and roles
  • Security access by profile and site
  • Mail tracking & discharges follow-up with management of delivery receipts.
  • Multichannel management
  • Handling notifications by mail

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Business management solutions

NetSystem is a major player in the services and IT engineering specializing in the integration of the ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and Sage business management software packages.

Our offer of Management Software Packages is intended for small, medium and large sized companies operating in different sectors of activity (industry/trading/Telecom Services...).

Accounting Management

From management of capital assets and the means of payment, to the recovery follow up, Sage 100 Comptabilité accompanies SME in the assessment of their accounting and financial situation.

Commercial Management helps SMEs control each stage in the commercial chain.

Sage 100 Gestion commerciale offers an overview of all the resources and allows optimization of their availability.

Dedicated ERP to the SME

Combining all of the accounting, financial and commercial functions through a single database, Sage 100 Entreprise is the 1st software package dedicated to SMEs.

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CRM - Customer relationship management

With Sage CRM, you have a management tool of the complete customer relationship that allows you to explore and retain effectively, to handle customer service and analyze the results of your marketing actions, with immediate effects on your business.

Fully integrated with Sage 100, Sage CRM brings a full vision of your contacts (commercial information, accounting, marketing and technical), to gain in efficiency.

Its 100% Web technology allows a deployment and an extremely easy and quick handling.


Enterprise portals solutions

NetSystem is certified "Microsoft Gold Partner" on the label 'Portal & Collaboration' and is recognized as a major player and a competence centre of the "Microsoft SharePoint" platform skills and expertise of collaborative work.

Our enterprise portals offer includes:

  • Turnkey intranet and extranet solutions implementation responding to technical and functional compliance and web 2.0 design, compatible with the communication strategy of the company
  • The dematerialization of information exchange
  • The automation of business processes
  • The revitalization of the collaboration through enterprise social networks
  • The structured and unstructured enterprise content management.