NetSystem offers a near shore services center for software engineering project outsourcing and help its customers to optimize production costs, enhance delivery and competiveness. .

NetSystem value proposition offer industrialization and streamlining of engineering processes within a quality framework in line with international certification and standards.

Quality approach

NetSystem Services Centre can provide fixed price offers, with a commitment of results. Our Services Centre built up on ISO 9001 and CMMI -compliant quality assurance approach, ensuring our customers' satisfaction, through:

  • The automation of software development processes
  • The management and industrial processing of application assets (portfolio management, modernization of application services, architecture migration, refactoring,...)
  • The retro documentation and retro specification to increase maintenance productivity
  • The Quality Control of the software
  • The tests industrialization

Perimeter of intervention

Engineering application:

  • Offer of services with high added value
  • Culture of excellence and expertise
  • Appropriate outsourcing strategy

R&D :

  • Fixed priced commitment at the request
  • Privacy - Protection of intellectual property
  • Maintenance of knowledge


  • Functional Improvements and corrective interventions
  • SI performance & applications quality
  • Monitoring tools: IT management, bug Tracking...


  • Implementation of a recipes cell of all projects
  • Systematic auditing of projects
  • Frequent review of the implementation of the QAP

Operating mode

The implementation and the establishment of NetSystem Services Centre is based on the following phases:


Technological expertise

  • Certified Skills on Microsoft applications platform: MS SharePoint 2010. ASP.NET; Visual Studio 2010; MS SQL Server 2008. HTML5; RAZOR: METRO
  • Expertise on developments industrialization and Application Life Cycle Management (Software Factory, ALM,...)
  • Library of reusable components MS .net and MS SharePoint: NetSystem Framework ® for developments acceleration and industrialization


NetSystem follows development standards and a rigorous Agile/SCRUM methodology for project management, allowing a full vision of the projects progress, portfolios, or computer programs.